Price List:

Regular Session...........Sitting Fee-$100.00
Sitting fee is due day of sitting.
Includes sitting and 8 images on a CD.

You can get the 8 (4x6) and a CD of those images for $125.00.

Senior Session- $125.00
2 to 3 hours with 3 locations
10 images on a cd with copyright
Additional images/prints maybe purchased.
Cd of entire session with copyright is $250.00 plus session fee.

Newborn Session- $125.00.............Sitting fee is due day of sitting.
Includes sitting and 8 images on a CD..

You can get the 8 (4x6) and CD of those images for $150.00.

Print size Prices

  Print                 Price                 Mat board
  3x5                   $5.00
  4x6                   $6.00
  5x5                   $7.00
  5x7                   $10.00
  8x10                 $20.00                 $1.00
  10x10                $25.00                 $1.50
  10x13                $40.00                 $2.00
  11x14                $45.00                 $3.50
  12x12                $50.00                 $7.50
  16x20                $75.00                $13.00
  20x24                $125.00                $15.00
  24x30                $160.00                $21.00
  30x40                $200.00                $25.00
  Wallets (8)          $10.00
  Press Cards (25)   $32.00


(Black and White or Sepia prints also available)

A CD of all images can be purchased for $250.00 of all but wedding photos.

Portrait Packages

Two (2) pose limit. No Substitutions.

Wallets must be ordered in multiplies of 8.


Ollie Sumerall Photography

323 Blake Dr.

Vicksburg, MS 39183


(601)638-8842 Home

(601)218-6143 Cell



Please contact me at 601-218-6143

for more information.


Finishing Services

Available upon request

*All prices are subject to change without notice.



Wallet Special
In addition to your order (limited to one pose)



Beginning Years

• Fee is $275.00 for 3 sittings or $425.00 for 5 sittings

A maternity session can count as one of these sessions.

• This is a program for newborn thru 3 years.
• Children newborn thru 2 years will receive 3 sittings. (12 month period) or 5 sittings ( 12 month period)
• 8 Prints (4x6) with each sitting or 8 images on CD.

• Portraits taken inside or outside. (Not both)
• You are allowed one change of clothes.

•(1) Family portrait may be taken as part of this program. (Immediate family only.)
• You must use all your sittings within one year of enrollment date.
• If you do not show up for your appointment and do not call to cancel, you forfeit that sitting.

There will be a $25.00 fee to travel over 25 miles!

CD of all images will be $250 per session.